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the Wrath absorbing everything Baras has with his lightsaber and also because of the plot demanding it.
Then should we not count the majority of the feats Nox performs as they are the walking definition of 'the plot demands it'.

like how Jeff would of easily killed Slenderman and won instead of a draw if someone reasonable was writing the long story in like 1.2 seconds, 5.3 seconds, or something like that.
Jeff? As in Jeff the 'I-am-such-an-edgelord-tool-' killer? How is one of the worst products of creepypasta relevant here?


PS. Sorry if sounds like I'm bashing the Wrath, I'm not
No one here cares if you're bashing him or not, but it's pretty clear that you have a big bias for Nox as you continually write off anything the Wrath does as luck or plot, when the same could easily be applied to Nox.
It's not that you disagree, it's how you disagree
You're a white knight if you like Bioware, you're a whiner if you hate them, you're a scummy fence sitter if you're in the middle.
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