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I've only played the Sith Warrior story once and I don't remember any of his feats exceeding or in the least matching Nox's.

I don't put much stock in Nox getting ragdolled by Kallig but I will point out that Force Ghosts are weaker than when they were alive. Harder to get rid of in many ways (namely because physical matter passes through them) yes but they lose a lot of power as well. (No connection to the living force.) As far as the wrath's feats? Facing the Emperor's voice who has been taken over and further empowered by Sel Makor is pretty damn impressive. Considering he's defeating here the combined might of Vitiate's voice on top of a dark side entity. Not to mention Baras is very comparable if not more so than Thanaton. Being powerful in his own right but having gained power from Sel Makor and the Entity (who is confirmed to be Kreia btw. As in the main antagonist in KOTOR 2.) is impressive as well.

He also kills Darth Vengean who is a member of the dark council. A widely feared and respected member to be honest. Despite all of Baras power boosts he threw everything he had at the wrath to the point where he couldn't channel anymore force abilities. The wrath wasn't injured and casually walked up to him putting his lightsaber threw him. I don't see how you can claim the wrath doesn't have feats matching the inquisitor. The wrath's feats are pretty solid. Even his dark side abilities are impressive.