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What feats? Getting ragdolled in half the cutscenes? His best feat is beating Thanaton a fairly powerful sith and he couldnt even do that without the help of several force ghosts.
I've only played the Sith Inquisitor story once which was a half a year ago, so my memory of it isn't that great. Alright, so he accomplished some pretty great feats before binding any ghosts, like fighting other powerful Sith (one of them had the ability to weaken anyone's connection to the force). Nox was stronger than that, conquered it, and got back to full strength. He fought Jedi, collected artifacts, and tons of other great feats before binding the ghosts. Also, he defeated a force eating monster with his sheer power and connection to the force alone as an untrained slave acolyte on Korriban.

Also, you're right about Nox having incredibly better feats after binding the ghosts, like

PS. I don't remember Darth Nox being rag-dolled in half of the cut scenes or anything like that.