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This will be a long post, Sin-tank is basically my main and my pride and joy at this stage. So since Mr. Musco is asking for feedback, I am going to provide a lot of feedback.

Alright time for more than my 2 cents on the matter of the Sin set bonus for Darkness. I will precede this by saying the following about myself (as I know I'm a semi-unknown on the forums, I lurk a lot);
I have been tanking on a Sin since a few months before 2.0 went live. I have tanked the Dread Ops in their Nightmare release state and I have been tanking the current content through Revan (to floor 3 of Revan, have not killed). So I do consider myself somewhat of a knowledgeable Sin tank player, I may not be the best but I am average if not above average in my opinion.

Alright onto my takes;

Current Two piece;
2% DR on Wither that lasts for 3 seconds on an ability that has roughly a 9 second CD, you spend roughly a third of a boss fight with this up. Personally, its fine. As a Sin I know that if Iím expecting a big hit, for example Mega Blast for Sword One, I can delay Wither for a second or two and cast it as I see Mega Blast charging up, and take 2% less damage. Same with like the cross on Underlurker, I can get an extra 2% DR for that hit from the cross. I could list a lot of other situations where this would also be doable, without causing issues with keeping Protection stacks up. This is also mirrored by the other tanks, so it should be left alone or changed for all 3.

Current Four piece;
Iíll be honest. I donít use it. Flat out. I see no reason in any of these operations to actually need a faster taunt. Only reason is taunt fluffing for insane threat numbers, which between two tanks and how often the tank swaps have to happen in these bosses. It makes taunt fluffing nearly useless as you need your taunt for something coming up in a few seconds. Plus there is another issue with this that I will address in a moment. But keep this where it is as the other two tanks have a mirror of this, meaning if it gets changed for 1 it needs to be changed for all three.

Current Six piece;
Again, Iíll be honest. I donít use this at all. To me it is absolutely garbage and when you take 2 things into account, it feels like Sinís got the short end of the stick. Personally, I have a habit of pressing my Dark Ward button, even when Iím not tanking. It is like a tick I developed from tanking for so long on a Sin. I always seem to press it just as it falls off, or within a second of it falling off. And with this set I feel like, it is not needed. I can honestly count on my hands how many bosses have caused me to lose my dark ward stacks (the default amount of them). And most of them are very rapid fire or add heavy fights.

I also feel like the six piece is the short end of the stick. I would like to bring your attention to the following Bioware & Mr. Musco. Mind you, these are quotes from your current topics going up in every section;
Quote: Originally Posted by PT Tank
Current Level 60 Set Bonuses (for reference)
  • 2-Piece: Heat Blast or Energy Blast increases damage reduction by 2% for 5 seconds.
  • 4-Piece: While Ion Gas Cylinder or Ion Cell is active, Rocket Punch or Stockstrike reduce the cooldowns of Neural Dart and Sonic Missile or Neural Jolt and Sonic Round by 2 seconds.
  • 6-Piece: Increases the duration of Oil Slick or Riot Gas by 3 seconds and the duration of Energy Shield or Reactive Shield by 4 seconds.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jugg Tank
Current Level 60 Set Bonuses (for reference)
  • 2-Piece: Crushing Blow or Guardian Slash increases damage reduction by 2% for 4 seconds.
  • 4-Piece: Aegis Assault or Warding Strike reduces the cooldown of Taunt and Challenging Call or Threatening Scream by 2 seconds per activation.
  • 6-Piece: Increases the duration of Blade Turning by 1.5 second, and the duration of Invincible or Warding Call by 3 seconds.
  • Cheers, all!
Alright, every tank and even non-tanks should be well familiar with these set bonuses. I have to ask this, and I seriously hope I can get an answer as this has been bugging me since it was mentioned.
Why was the 6 piece Sin tanking set not something from the lvl 55 tanking set?

The Jugg tank 6-piece is not only a word for word copy of their 180/186 tier 2 piece, but an improved version of it (.5 seconds on Blade Turning and a full second to Invincible).
The PT tank 6-piece is an increase of their old 2 piece as well, adding 1 second to both Oil slick and shield.

Yet the Sin 6-piece is totally off the rails, it affects dark ward in a totally different way than before. It gives it stacks and duration to dark ward. Yet both Jugg & PT sets are a mirror of their old set and improved versions of it. I would like to see the 6-piece redesigned to be worth it, as it stands now it is really not worth it. I will say, I have a full 6-piece set just encase I needed to run the reduced CD on taunts because of mechanics. But I never put a premium on getting it for the 6 piece.

One way I see to fix the 6-piece is to make it a combination of the old 2 piece and the old 4 piece as that is what a majority of Sin tanks that I know of run. I personally run it because it means I get 41.89% DR & 64% shield chance w/ dark ward (mind you itís a 20% boost for me). When I go to full 198 armoring w/ new set bonus I get 40.73% DR and 59% shield chance. Sin tanks are already on the lower end for flat damage reduction (Juggs get baseline ~47% and PTs get ~50%) which means in theory without any shield involved we take more damage than the other tanks. So giving my Sin the 2% DR bonus from the old set bonus with the flat base DR of 198 it would give me a 0.84% DR increase over what I have now. Given that my Sin is in min/maxed gear at this stage (full 198s and 204 MH) I am defiantly at the top end of the spectrum for DR values, I do not think that this would majorly impact the ďWe donít want the tank set bonuses to increase tank survivability by more than 5%Ē philosophy that you guys and gals are aiming for.

If the idea of continuing with the trend set by PT and Jugg tank sets, then increasing each of the numbers by 1% would be 3% DR and 6% shield chance, bringing the DR value increase to 1.84% and at least 1% more shield chance (65% for my example above). Again, Iím not sure how much this goes against your intended statement. As I personally am not very sure how much the current Sin tank set affects the survivability value of Sinís according to the desired 5% number. So any proposed change is hard to say, but I defiantly think the first idea of just replacing the current 6-piece with the old set-bonuses (both 5% to dark ward and 2% Damage reduction) is a very favorable idea. It is a minimal increase of damage reduction and to many an unnoticed change of shield chance.

I hope that we can get a response to this, and I am looking forward to seeing if anything comes of this.

For those that may want the tl;dr version;
2 & 4 piece are fine, ether change them for all 3 tanks or leave them. The 6 piece needs a major rework, I propose to remove it and replace it with the old 2 piece AND 4 piece. It will on a min/max 198 armoring Sin cause a 0.84% increase of DR presuming said Sin is already running old 4 w/ 186s and a 198 head, chest, or legs armoring along with 198 belt/bracer.
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