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Remove the current 6 piece and use the old 4 piece in its place (damage reduction 2% plus the 5 extra shield rating from the 2 set bonus). Problem solved.

What real shadow/assassins are doing now is running the old 186 set bonus + 192 or 198 chest piece for the extra little bit of armor, and Belt/ Bracers too of course. So we end up with 3 198 or 192 pieces, 1 "new" set bonus, and 2 "old" set bonuses.

We're really squishy as we are. I'm not saying we can't clear content, but I tank with my shadow, vanguard, guardian and jugg on progression. I'm 8/10, and I've also killed monolith on HM. Shadow is my main -and favorite character- but I must say it's a pain to survive compared to guardians and (specially) vanguards.

Like this we'll have extra charges and duration on kinetic ward, extra shield rating, quicker taunt (really important for the newer operations), a tiny bit (2%) of damage reduction, and also the other 2% from slow time.

Over all I believe survivability would go higher than 5%, yes, but only because the other tank's survivabilities are already quite a bit higher than the shadow's. Fixing the set bonuses and putting shadows at where the other tanks are right now as far as viability goes.

Just give us what we want and it'll all be fixed.
Throwing the whole old set bonus into the new 6 piece is a bit too powerful compared to the other tanks. I think it would be a lot more balanced to, say, reduce the cooldown of Overcharge Saber slightly. Real Assassins/Shadows, though? If you want to talk about the best tanks, they're going to be using both set bonuses and swapping. Or just sticking to one and not even caring, because their skill makes up for the difference, but if you want to just laugh at the math showing that the old 4 piece isn't strictly better, be my guest. If you're struggling to survive as an Assassin in these operations, then you're doing mechanics wrong or using cooldowns poorly. My Republic co-tank is pretty hardy in the 192 set bonus gear, and he ends up tanking both Sword Squadron units and has little trouble with it.

On to my own opinions...

I'm okay with the 2 piece, but it needs to be made equivalent to the other two tanks. PTs have a vastly stronger set bonus (higher magnitude, roughly equal duration if you're being attacked), while Juggs have it balanced about to where I think they intended. PTs just benefit too much from it being tied to Heat Blast, while Assassins have it tied to Wither, which has a longer cooldown than the magnitude of the buff would suggest it should to balance it against the tanks. I think that if they tied the PT 2 piece to Rail Shot and decreased the magnitude accordingly, then adjusted the magnitude of the Assassin set bonus, it would be a solid, balanced 2 piece.

Our 4 piece is interesting. It allows an 18 second opener with no taunt gaps, which makes it nearly impossible to lose aggro to a dps, assuming you can pop all your taunts in a row like that. With that in mind, I despise the idea of making taunts necessary to hold aggro. While this set bonus is rather nice in PvP, I think I would rather see some kind of threat boost tied to Force Pull that also taunts nearby enemies. I think that would be cool, but that's just my opinion.

The 6 piece is underwhelming. Period. I'd rather see a reduction in the cooldown of Overcharge Saber, or maybe even Shroud, but that might be a little too much. That, or an extra mini-cooldown would be cool. As much as I loved the old set bonus, I think it's too strong compared to what's around now. Also, as for losing the current 6 piece, I don't see why the extra stacks aren't made baseline: 1.7 to 2.0 saw a jump in stacks, why not a slight jump in 2.10 to 3.0, or 4.0 now that it's on the horizon?
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