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But then you're taking things in a vaccum. using a WoW's analogy with Herbalism, it is as if you were complaining the Frost lotus (the bonus, rare plants that sometimes spawned when you picked a normal herb) droprate was nerfed while you still make a ton of cash selling the normal herbs.

Screenshots as offered. I went down from 815k by having bought a new helm.

First of all, no you do not make a ton of cash. This is completly relevant to your server and server economy. Mission skill drops sell for 5k max, on my server. Augments can go from 1k to 15k, depending on type, and quality. 15k is rare. And they don't always sell.
If comparing to wow, its like you go and pick a frost lotus but instead you loot nothing and end up dropping 200g on the ground.
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