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Do you find that you can take out higher level (1 or 2 lvls above) mobs and bosses with this technique or do you have to adjust tactics.

I personally find that I have to be two or more levels above for bosses and mobs are really tough if you get rushed.
At 37 you obviously don't have guardian strike yet, so look to get two sunder strikes (for 4 stacks of sunder armor) up before you use your high dmg attacks. If you're having an issue with a boss, send your companion in first to take some aggro/damage. Interupts are key, bind your kick somewhere very easy to use. Remember leap, stasis and push are all interupts too, so it can be fun to send in companion then use your leap as the interupt to their first special, and likewise time your statis and push to interupt as well. Medpack and cooldowns early rather than late. Umm, I think that covers most of what you need for elites. If you're still having trouble taking down equal level elites then look at gear for both yourself and your companion.