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I'm glad people are still having fun discussing this subject.

The only thing I find ironic about the original post is that it does not contain mention of how the O.P. was so mad at being killed repeatedly by the Silent Council on Illum that when she was doing a pugged Xeno Analyst boss fight one of the SC members invited to the ops group was advised by a member of her own guild that they better drop the SC tag just to avoid the drama that would be created if they wore it.

The only reason I bothered to take the time to make this post is because I know for a fact that the O.P. didn't like it when the shoe was on the other foot. I seriously considered not saying anything but the degree to which they are promoting their actions on Illum in combination with their response to suffering the same sort of treatment makes the initial post seem extremely hypocritical.

If you are going to glorify being a "blackhat" and post screenshots of you making lots of people mad by ganking them in a PvP zone, perhaps you might want to rethink your anger at my guild for doing the same to you in response to your "blackhat" status.

Personally, I thought this event was lots of fun and was a great success. What most people don't realize is that even though I spent most of my time guarding lines and protecting people against gankers, the reason I chose to do that is because I love PvP and all the self-proclaimed pvp elite of the server had chosen to farm under geared RP and PvE players instead of fighting each other. By declaring war against the "blackhats" I was just making sure that we got a real challenge fighting the pvp'ers of the server.

My only regret about the event was that once an organized force like the Silent Council showed up to defend people, most of the blackhats seemed to mysteriously disappear and pick another instance to do their business on.

Apparently they weren't fond of being killed repeatedly either.

Anyway, I've said what I came here to say and probably made some enemies in doing so by exposing the fact that even the "blackhats" didn't like being farmed on Illum anymore than the "carebears"... so I'll take my leave of this thread and depart by saying this...

"Dear OP, I'm glad you had so much fun killing people during this event! The Silent Council gets lots of pleasure killing people like you and we'll be waiting for the opportunity to do so again in the near future."

See you on Illum!
Darth Panopticus of the Silent Council