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I can easily see this both ways. Yea people are pissed and Get their panties all in a bunch.. Trolling and getting them to rage isnt exactly a nice community minded thing to do..
I really don't think I was actually trolling. I only said the thing about PM owning mid twice, and both instances are in the collage - and just as an fyi for everyone I *never* intended for anyone to pay me credits to turn in their orb, it was tongue-in-cheek, and I meant for people to come up and /love me or /hug me or /kiss me or /beg or whatever.

Some people did, and they got to turn in their orbs! If they had handed me cash, I would have given it right back.

So yeah, I don't think I was really trolling, I was pvping in a pvp zone My comments in general chat were few and far between, really. I actually usually have general chat off but I turned it on while I was out on Ilum so I could see if anyone was raging - and they sure were!

All that said, I would never crash a cantina RP party or anything - I used to be a pretty hardcore roleplayer back in the days of text based MUDS and dungeons and dragons, so I would feel bad (and not a little hypocritical) if I bothered people who were RP'ing.

... Though I have been known to do a disapproving emote or two when I see particularly bad roleplay or overtly sexual roleplay in the fleet cantina. Just last night some sith was talking about how she keeps Jaesa around for when she's feeling "naughty," which was promptly followed by my sorc blowing chunks over the cantina railing.
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