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Can you tell me another class who has ;

-Stun (4 sec)
-Never ending slow
- Good DPS + nice burst dmg too
-Buble (It can be on the player all the time)
-Speed buff
-Do you need anything else ? (like a button to keel all the players in the warzone)

Topic owner tried to explain why sorc/sages have more advantage than the other classes and you are obviously playin sorc or sage cause defending blindly. In my server, sorc/sage population is more than %60-70, I can easily see 6-7 sorcerers in wz.So This overpopulated class doesn't need a nerf ? Are u still defending this class ?
They don't need a nerf. What they need is better talent trees that aren't susceptible to abusive hybrid specs that cause the class to become overpowered through sheer utility and unintended talent combinations.
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