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Ive done all of this as well, This neve happend until your patch... please dont point out its a driver or hardware issue.
This is on you! Forgive the tone in this message but it didnt do this EVER until the update!!
The community demands updates and improvements from Bioware so they do what they can to deliver. The new patch is not compatible with certain drivers... and the client is now taxing hardware more than it has in the past so people are now noticing HW issues that weren't obvious before (the root cause being the HW not the client). Its a valid thing to ask about.

Try editing your client_settings.ini to force Windowed mode? It seems like a lot of the new issues go away when you run in "Windowed" or "Fullscreen (Windowed)".

C:\Users\"USERNAME"\AppData\Local\SWTOR\swtor\sett ings

D3DFullscreen = false