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I will be recruiting members of a new raid group set for the week days - tues-wed-fri from 8-10 server times may change according to group availability. this group will prog NiM operations and HM's. I'm personally going to run this group and don't expect some to know everything i'm happy to teach as we go. I do expect people to be ready on time and prepared for the operation at hand. There will not be a focus on who's dps is best I want good solid raiders who learn from mistakes and are willing to help others. It would help if you know more then one class so we can switch it up for certain boss fights. If you can make the days and time's PM me and I'll be more then happy to reply and see if we are a good match to raid with. This will be a adult group so if foul langue disturbs you or joking is a problem this is not the group for you.
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