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01.16.2020 , 10:45 AM | #2
In no particular order.

* Cartel Market Items mostly are merely visual, only Weapon Color Crystals and Companions would have stats.

* As long as they're still packed in their box, they can be claimed from the Item Stash by any character. Once claimed, they're bound to that character and cannot be transferred. However, they can be unlocked for all characters on an account in the Collections by an expenditure of Cartel Coins.

* 'Best Value'... if you define that by most powerful, there is no 'most powerful' item in the Cartel Market, it's all a matter of taste ultimately. If by 'best value' you mean the highest gain for lowest cost, there's various sets that combine armor sets and weapons or mounts (or both!) for a cheaper price than the items would be individually.