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11.02.2016 , 03:15 PM | #175
I have also seen mention of not being able to romance one of the new characters (Lana, Theron, Koth) being a bug. As far as we can tell, this is not bugged at this time. In order to romance these characters, you must consistently choose flirt options with them throughout KOTFE (having a relationship with Theron or Lana back in Shadow of Revan also contributes to their romances, but is not required) and you must choose a particular option in Chapter IX to pursue a full romance with one of them. If anyone finds that this is not the case for their character, definitely let us know!
I've finished the KotFE and have no romance with Lana. From forums I've found out about conversation option on Odessen in the Chapter 9 (I need to speak to one of you/I need to speak to one of you (flirt)), but in the game there was no such thing! My toon just has said: "I need to speak to one of you" - without any option.
Is there some way to restart KotFE on this toon?