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-I noticed that over 93% of the time, when I come after you to at least to try to slow down your kill rate, there are always two or three other aces winging you, who basically blow me out of the stars, if you don't. It's pretty obvious you fly with the best as much as you can.

What are your favorite group strategies for taking sats and for racking up kills and for which maps?

Which key do you use for your voice chat, while flying?

Whose your favorite wingperson, and why?

Do you use the F key and/or the number pad to look around while you fly? If so, for what reasons? Is it to stay close to your squad, or is it to look for boosts?

Do you have a memorized path to pick up boosts?

And did you really master 10 starshipships? Holy ****balls man.

And if I choose to interview you about your GSF skills and your guild for SWTORStrategies, will you be down?
-Yes most of the time I'm flying in a premade and on mumble with them and if someone is on me I can't shake easily or if im just setting someone up for an easy kill I call it out. Although lately i rolled a new alt on bastion just to see what soloq ing only feels like and so far im having a good time of it.

-So group strategies for taking sats thats a tough one cause there are so many. A few examples are using tensor field to get a bomber to the node and then sending the scout to deal with any threats off the node like gunships. Another is cycling multiple bombers in on a node by using hyperspace beacon just after the other dies so you instantly spawn back in on the node. For dislodging a bomber I like to bring a gunship or two and pincer the node not giving them anywhere to hide. (I hope that answers what you were looking for.)

-I use my thumb button on my razer mamba for push to talk that way my left hand is completly free to do w/e it needs to while flying (which is usually alot with all the power cycling)

-So I use the f key very little when actually fighting, almost all of us run communication sensors on our ships which have sensors so the whole map is lit up even if I'm at a node where nothing is happening. I'll use f then to look around and call important targets or other things for my team to deal with, so I'm just sitting at a node doing nothing. I actually use the key C alot more then anything and mostly for line of sighting gunships. I bound "look behind" to the T key pretty much just for when using retros if i have time i look back to see whats there.

-I don't have a path cause the power ups are random, I do however know where they all are.

-I actually have all 20 ships mastered, 10 on each side, you can see I have all the achievements for it in my signature.

-I'm definitely for an interview just let me know when
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