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- something I have said countless times as the lock on alarm is BEEMING out of my surround sound speakers, with my scout in hellish flames without anymore energy for engine boost to clear out or an object to hide behind.

There have been many times when the Republic starfighters see Drakolich and his goon squad on the imperial list before a match begins, where I had to give a good moral speech to balance out all of the negative and fearful comments made on the republic side, like.

"**** WE ALREADY LOST!" "There is no way we can win this one" "Game over man, GAME OVER!" .. etc
With that said, I have much respect for you and Anastasie as a fellow starfighter. I have also flown with you a few times and one or two times with voice chat. I can confirm that Drakolich seriously knows what he's talking about. Any consistent starfighter on the Bastion server would agree.

Here's my question.

I noticed that over 93% of the time, when I come after you to at least to try to slow down your kill rate, there are always two or three other aces winging you, who basically blow me out of the stars, if you don't. It's pretty obvious you fly with the best as much as you can.

What are your favorite group strategies for taking sats and for racking up kills and for which maps?

Which key do you use for your voice chat, while flying?

Whose your favorite wingperson, and why?

Do you use the F key and/or the number pad to look around while you fly? If so, for what reasons? Is it to stay close to your squad, or is it to look for boosts?

Do you have a memorized path to pick up boosts?

And did you really master 10 starshipships? Holy ****balls man.

And if I choose to interview you about your GSF skills and your guild for SWTORStrategies, will you be down?
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