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Changes for PTS
  • All vendor reputation rewards are now available (previously only decos were available on the vendor).
  • More Codex Entries are available, including two new hidden entries!
  • The number of missions needed to complete the weekly has been adjusted downward. It previously required 12 Normal and 6 Heroic, now requires 10 Normal and 5 Heroic.

Bug Fixes
  • Marauder Maneuvers: A voice line no longer plays every time you pick up a communicator.
  • The bind point at the Imperial base now functions correctly. It has been moved closer to the cave entrance.

  • Dantooinian Restabilization: Bombs now appear on the dam for this mission.
  • A Friend Among Enemies: Konnari now spawns inside a phase to reduce frustration waiting for him to respawn.
  • Broadside Barrage: It is slightly easier to hit targets for artillery strikes.

All Factions
  • The achievement “The Right Way” now unlocks when you defeat Lieutenant Yarvok.
  • Rishi has been added to the Conquest for this event.
  • Beware of Hugo: Hugo’s health has been decreased. Hostages now receive 90% reduced healing.
  • Reactor Ransom: Players have a longer time period in which to interact with power conduits.
  • This list is NOT comprehensive! Several other, mostly minor bugs including typos, map, and art issues, have been corrected, and other changes have been made.
Thanks all!

Yay to all of the above! It was worth the hours and hours of downloading and installing the PTS & doing a playthrough for mine and others feedback to be read and acted on (and my feedback too me ages to compile). Thanks Devs! Can't wait to see what the additional rep items are.
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