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Listen to these guys but

TLDR: coles notes is you pick slug railgun and barrel roll and wingman and nothing else matters. just like the metallica lyrics say, you want to hit hard with the slug when theyre not looking. u want to priority your slugs onto the guy with low hull so you get the execution and the impressive solo score (for your team). THEN if you are getting focused u immediately use barrel roll to g.t.f.o. and hide and kite until they get bored. rinse and repeat just like a shampoo bottle says and you'll have a clean victory.

one last thing you always pick wingman bc u cant afford to miss any RNG. if u miss too much that means u run too much and it means u dont have enuff uptime. dont be tricked into hydrospammer as u should not fear death but instead fear being put into a theoretical 'cage' by ur enemies wit and protons.

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