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I like strike fighters/scouts, but supossedly, bombers/gunships are easier to fly? Haven't done GSF in a while. I began to get the hang of a GS, but builds?

dampening vs range? Co pilot?

I think right now I'm putting req into ranged based, upgrading my ion weapon, got Kira as my copilots
Kira isn’t a very good choice, because the mangler/quarrel/VX-9 gunships don’t have any ordnance, and gunships like the dust maker/comet breaker/k-52 use torpedos. In either case her passive “Spare Ammo” is useless or minimally helpful. You want either a crew member with Pinpointing and either Rapid Reload or Improved Kill Zone. Rapid reload reduces the cooldown on repeat firing of your railgun. There is a short delay after you take a shot with your railgun before you can start charging it up again. Improved Kill Zone increases the size of your firing arc so you have a slightly larger diameter circle within which you have a chance for your railgun to hit.

Active crew co-pilot abilities that are useful for gunships include Wingman and, on the republic side, Bypass. If you are just starting out with GSF I recommend taking Qyzen Fess for your offensive crew member, Nadia Grell for your defensive crew member, lieutenant Iresso for tactical and C2-N2 for your engineering crew, and then set Iresso as your co pilot ability because he has Wingman. Wingman increases your accuracy stat for a brief time making it more likely for your railgun shots to hit your target.

You can check out Drakolich’s Ship build thread here or look at the GSF build calculator tool on Dulfy here.
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