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06.19.2017 , 10:17 AM | #503
Yeah I don't know I think baras isn't all fat look at that chest he's like a barrel
My guesstimate is he would prob be about 6'3" around 320 he could prob bench a smart car.
And if he tackled you it would prob feel like a collision with an SUV .
I try to refrain from making fun of people who's arms are bigger then my chest.
Lifting Baras in a force choke could prob only be done by Vaylin.

Like someone else said though his mask the face looks like Cartman from south park, it's hard to take anyone that looks like Darth Grimace seriously. It would be like serving Darth Treek the cannibal death Ewok.(after treek talked about eating people I pictured him with the little Hannibal Lector mask for ewoks)