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-Clarion/Imperium - give it a useful secondary such as Concussion missiles.
-Starguard/Rycer - give it a useful short range primary such as Burst Laser Cannons.
-Pike/Quell - give it interdiction missiles.
Concussions ARE NOT.... and have never been... a Useful Secondary.. name 1 ship that uses it in the Meta.. you cant cus it doesnt exist, Conc missiles are bad, giving a bad ship another bad component with out doing anything else will not fix the ship.

Star guards already have good short range weapons... Ion Laser and Cluster missile... guess what, they arent effective on this ship cus boost efficiency is aweful enough that close range weapons are bad on anything that's not a Scout.

Pike That would do a whole lot of jack except make it a crappier Condor, cus Condor has BLC AND powerdive AND Disto break, AND slug railgun.

I think I have seen you post in "buff strike fighters" things before, trust me they are not as close to competitive as you think they are.