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05.28.2015 , 04:55 PM | #17
My biggest issue with strikers isn't the class itself, it's how they compare to other classes. Their main issue is lock-on reliance due to their lack of speed, turn-rate, and range. In a world of two lock-breaks, tons of range, and speed. Strikers can only really fill one role, trolling. Essentially spooking gunships, damaging bombers, or keeping scouts occupied for a (very) short while.

Best way to increase the use of the striker class with minimal effort?
Set disto feild to only have a 33% chance to break locks. Watch as the striker makes a comeback, and listen to the cries of gunship and scout pilots everywhere as suddenly they don't have two guaranteed lock breaks. Watch them freak out as they only have a 1/3 chance of not being worried when they hear the lock-on.

And I'm sure I just made a lot of enemies.