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Quote: Originally Posted by BrianDavion View Post
not sure how you'd address em without making em stupid OP or highly irritating though.

No no, Making them Stupid OP or Highly Irritating is EXACTLY what's needed..... bassically 1 of 2 things is going to happen.

1. They buff strikes in a way that EVERYONE in the community is like... ya... that's good they needed that well done. Then a month or 2 later when every one has figured out how to counter them or realize they STILL arent up to snuff of the better ships they get relegated back to "not existing in the meta" and every one realizes the buff truly wasnt enough... or

2. They buff strikes in a way that a few are like YES!!!! while others are like... WHAT!!!! THAT'S SO OP... then a few months later when the dust clears and we see a bunch of new "x class is OP" threads... we actually see more then 1 of them being Strike fighters.... when Super Serious night happens on bastion, you see people switching between all 4 ship types, and the cries of OP are met with No, that's what they needed to be competitive, if they are OP so is these other 6 ships which dominated the Meta for a year before hand. Let's face it we see "gunships are OP", "Scout are OP" and "bombers are OP" still ALL the time, if the strike is going to make it into the meta, it needs something it can do that is "OP"