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+1 ^ This. Put a Yoda-like character as Grand Master, like we see a yoda race master on Tython as a Consular/ Knight in the council/ when we click on the council door - and [absolutely NOT] Tau: she's more of an enforcer and definitely not a diplomat (I don't care for Tau at all, I hope she gets shot out an airlock).

Satele is more a free agent, like Count Dooku, now. Let us romance her, she still enjoys company, and she's way more interesting than the other females we can romance. She has that m*lf quality, big time.

(*No force ghost cr@p - -1, that has been done way too many times, that's an old beaten road and boring AF. She deserves to live .... well.)
*** Yoda type character ... YES ( I think it's time for one)

*** Jedi Master: MAYBE (??) ... should be left up to the development team.
*** grand master... IMO ... not at this time. Develop the character first. This adds content to the game as well as adding to the story of rebuilding the Jedi order.

As for Satele.. final decision up to the development team ... but IMO .. well ... I;ve already said my peace and I stick to that conclusion. In life or death she is very much committed to the teaching of the force. I also believe that she is not as strict to others as they see the force ( please see reference her discussion with the Outlander regarding the force and how it works while on Odessen ).

In any case I'm not dogmatic about the matter. I will support which ever decision is made by the development team. But something tells me that there might be a kill option for those playing the dark side. This would also need to be taken into consideration when reviewing the addition of the "romance / flirt option".