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Please think about that one ...

Also regarding your marksman spec in which you don't take the extra 9% cunning...
Another quite useless talent to take is "Burst Volley". Charged Burst is not a skill supposed to be spammed due to weak damage and simple energy waste.
Only way to use it effectively is to proc the 1 sec. activation reduction on aimed shot.

I don't want to be offensive or anything but your so called "guide" isn't much more than weak common sense and simply false facts.

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at least it is a nice beginners guide and you have to admit that he put some effort into this.

With some points I would disagree also but it all comes down to individual playstyle and common sense. Some abilities may work better in lower levels and be useless for end game simply due to a fact that you have more of them.

Personally I think that putting points in Cover Screen is useless due to a fact that it boosts ranged Def for very short amount of time and is usefull mostly against other GS/Snipers and it isn't class played by a majority. I have 1 point put into it with no real reason, I could spend it in Leg Shot as well.

Again, nice starter guide.

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