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I started out as a die hard juggernaut, I was allowed to participate in two Beta periods the 1st was all Jugger and the 2nd period I wanted to see what was all the fuss about BH's being able to tank, so I tried it and I haven't looked back since. The thing that won me over with the BH class is all tanks playstyles are different the BH allows you to choose how you want to tank in every single fight.

After doing my research I have no choice but to play two BH's, I'm going to portray them in game as twins but to my point, I want to play a merc and a powertech but all I'm seeing no matter where I look are Shield Tech builds and Advanced Prototype builds and me being the kinda of player I am do not like cookie cutter builds or going with what's popular and thats the trend I'm starting to see.

I love everything I see about the Pyrotech spec so thats the route I'm going to spend countless hours and credits on looking for a build that fits my play style one of the reasons I didn't link a build is because anything can look good on paper but is it actually going to apply to how you play? I'm just wondering am I alone wondering about this skill line and are there anymore Pyro's out there?
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