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09.22.2020 , 07:23 AM | #51
1. Agent. I'm still impressed by its intricacies after many, many playthroughs.
2. Warrior. I always play an honor-bound, light side, true Sith, and get a huge kick out of it.
3. Smuggler. The overall plot is a bit thin, but the character stuff is so entertaining that I don't care.
4. Trooper. Not so much for the story as the cast. I love 'em all to bits (except Tanno Ick).
5. Consular. I enjoy playing a peaceful diplomat... which you don't really get to do, since you have to kill shiploads of people anyway, but the idea is there.
6. Knight, Hunter and Inquisitor are all tied. Neither the story nor the characters particularly grab me. Some good moments here and there, that's it.