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Hello there, i'm a lvl 50 guardian tank and i'd like to have some advices about stats. This is my current build:

Health: 24500 (Buffed and Stim Rakata)
Defense: 26
Shield Chance: 50
Absorption: 50
Accuracy: 101
Gear lvl: Full Campaing, ear and implants rakata, relics War Hero
Skill tree: 31/10/0

Is this a good build? As you can see i've followed noxxic guide, but somewhere on this forum i read that Defense should be improved as much as possible. So what are the stats for the PERFECT guardian tank? Thank you ^^

The general consensus right now for mitigation stats are 33/50/47-50. That's defense chance, shield chance, and shield absorption. I recently got mine to 33/50/47 and it works quite well. There's people that argue both sides of it, but I personally don't stack accuracy at all. At the end of an evening when I'm looking back through my parser, the number of misses isn't high enough for me to worry about.

So if anything, you could probably get rid of some accuracy in favor of more defense chance. But I've noticed that a lot of accuracy are in enhancements. So if you decide to get rid of some of it, get your build set before you start getting your 63's.

But that's about as much as I can say without seeing your actual build. Are you familiar with Put your setup on there and post a link and people can give you more detailed suggestions.

Also, don't stack endurance at all, if you weren't aware. You'll be way more effective as a tank with lower HP but good mitigation stats than the opposite. If you have any fortitude augments in right now, I would consider changing them to either a might or redoubt augment instead. And speaking of that, what is your buffed strength at? What about endurance? While playing, I notice that a lot of tanks stack endurance over their main stats and tend to keep them pretty far apart. I would at least shoot for having your strength within 400-500 points of your endurance while buffed. Example on my tank: (Buffed/stimmed) Strength: 1808 Endurance 2300. You could probably go a bit further apart if necessary.