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Arenas and warzones are entirely different things, even in Regs. Guard isn't an issue in Reg arenas either, assuming neither team gets hit hard with the matchmaking bat. Where it becomes an issue is in warzones where there are objectives beyond just killing your opponents and the long TTK in this game helps create a situation where the team that caps two nodes first nearly always wins, even assuming the teams have an even distribution of specs. Assuming the defending team is reasonably competent and at least evenly matched with their opponents, the long TTK makes it very difficult for the attacking team to clear enough defenders off a node in a short enough window to capture.
The question in such matches is why did one team get 2 nodes to begin with?

I agree of course that in some matches that involve too many non-DPS classes on one or both of the sides it is quite a stalemate. The problem is balancing the survivability of such groups on the one hand and not making groups of 8 DPS too fast to kill on the other hand. Imagine if 6 DPS could be killed by 6 DPS in 6 seconds like it usually is in MOBA games. It just doesn't fit with the current style of this game.
Sadly enough, if TTK was low so that stalemates wouldn't exist on node-defense maps, it would also probably mean that all huttballs will end with a 0-0 tiebreaker or be a question of "who has more operatives".
The current situation is not optimal, but altering the balance needs to be done very very delicately, and of course not harm the trinity usefulness on the one hand while still not making trinity absolutely mandatory on the other hand.