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Actually, your post doesnít provide any compelling evidence whatsoever for guard being overpowered. Itís mostly just you whining that people donít take you seriously because you donít pvp exclusively. The real reason youíre bad isnít that you donít pvp exclusively, though. Itís more along the lines of you having no idea what youíre talking about, imo.
Lol rafi is a tank that's been defending guard on this forum with me for literal months. He's not trying to prove it's op.
If guard wasnít in the game, pretty much all pvp would just be tunneling the squishiest player. Picture a 4v4 dps solo ranked match everywhere you go, because who would tank if they canít use guard to peel, and who would heal if you just get piled on by four dps and stunned into oblivion? Guard gives tanks a reason to exist in pvp, and it also provides counterplay and introduces strategy in getting kills. This whole ďZOMG REGS ARE OVERRUN WITH HEALERS AND TANKSĒ nonsense has more to do with match making than an actual balance issue: if a team has multiple tanks and healers of course you arenít going to be killing anything with the terrible regstar dps who populate the average war zone and this forum. Now I know counterplay, complexity, and strategy are pure anathema to most of the terrible people who are posting in favor of this thread, and Iím sincerely sorry for making you all have to consider them.
I've tried to say this before in multiple places in the thread.