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04.17.2012 , 06:52 PM | #4
As a DPS sage, I tried fighting him with Qyzen. Failed.

Tried with Nadia. Failed.

Finally brought out Tharan. Success.

I basically turned off all of Tharan's offensive capabilities so he would focus mainly on healing me. When I attacked, I made sure to keep my Force Armor and dots (Mind Crush and Weaken Mind) up at all times. Started off with Project and Disturbance to get some quick damage on him, then repeated TK throw non stop. Did not worry about interrupting anything Syo did UNTIL the ground started shaking. That's the cue that he's bringing the roof down on you. Even with Tharan healing, I still got down to about 10% life at one point...used a medpac for that...but other than that one scare, I don't think I was ever in any real danger. Holiday was invaluable with her random stun appearances which helped my heals from Tharan as I wasn't taking any damage for those few seconds. By the time the fight ended, I was around 90% health. And this was without level 50 gear on Tharan. Most was low 40's gear, but I figured since I was there I'd give it a shot before going up to the Fleet to get him new equipment.