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But ive seen people opening crates on there like hundreds of them so itll never be on there again? i wanted to test out drop rates to see if it was worth it in the actual game
They may have bought them on a Live server before copying their character to PTS. Certainly the CM wasn't open at any point that I was on PTS. Or there's a kiosk somewhere that spits out crates for free so that people can try the new items. Dunno.

As for testing the drop rates, well, you will be disappointed. It's quite likely the drop table on PTS at least favours the new stuff, but it might contain *only* the new stuff. On Live, the packs contain *everything* CM, so the drop rate of ==> that item will be very close to zero.

On Live, your best bet will be either to sell crates for credits on the GTN to raise credtis and then buy the new items when people put them on the GTN, or to save your CCs and buy the items you want directly.
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