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10.24.2019 , 01:17 AM | #84
It was very brief but serviceable. Was certainly not on the level of the previous expansions. This was more like a DLC.

Having said that, I just finished it on my main - a JK that I've been maining since 2012. I jumped in my chair when Kira and Scourge showed up. That made the whole thing worth it to me. It also just confirmed once again that the Jedi Knight is the main character of SWTOR. (I mean everyone already knew that for the most part, but now it's like, yeah.)

So much connection to the emperor and what happens in the entire SWTOR universe. I'm guessing that whole bit about Satele will be the next FP coming up?

I'm intrigued about that, but I'm calling it now. This will be Satele's swan song. And possibly my main's. I'm feeling like with my whole crew reunited and back on the ship like old times, it might be time for me to retire my JK. I think her story is done after all these years. Time for them to head off into the sunsets. We'll see.

PS. It was cool to see the Republic with a new likeable chancellor.