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The issue is, building a skanking set currently requires a lot of crafting or command point/unassembled components that you really dont want to blow when we have no idea how theyre changing things.

If you do dps, a pure dps set is the safest option right now, as its understood and not changing in the near future.

If i absolutely had to gear a tank right now, I'd probably go for the mitigation setup because i know it will never be useless. Here again, you want the 248 tank armorings, with high endurance mods and enhancements.

Also though whether to go lethal or warding b mods would be relatively unknown as we dont know what theyre doing to dps mods on tanks. The enhancements are the 246 crafted ones with high shield/absorb and endurance but low defense.

What will be best for pvp is so unknown, i just cant make a recommendation that you waste your probably limited resources on skanking until we know more.
So is it okay to just go for one full tanking set then and wait for 5.9? I'd still go with Fortitude augs for some extra Stam/Power, but otherwise all my gear would have Tank stats.