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What do people think of my Gunslinger Saboteur build? While I like Charged Burst, I don't think it's as useful on a Saboteur as on a Sharpshooter, so I don't have Hot Pursuit or Pandemonium. I don't have Cool Under Pressure because healing 6% of your total health over 3 seconds just doesn't seem extremely useful to me. This is my first MMO, so correct me if I'm wrong.

I chose Cover Screen, Riot Screen, and Hotwired Defences to increase my survivability, and No Holds Barred and Sharpshooter for obvious reasons.

I'm wondering how much 4% alacrity is worth though. 4% faster casting time hardly sounds noticeable to me. Is it one of those skills for intense PvPers? Should I take points out of anything for Black Market Mods?

That's my build.
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