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07.14.2019 , 01:27 AM | #1
Help, I am stuck in this game not being able to do this and cannot go on, sob..........
OK the Zakuul walker is so clumsy hate to play it. But anyway, when I have to kill that other Zakuul Walker I run/walk up to him and I can get 1/4 point on killing the bastard and get killed myself.

I looked at the walkthrough and that guy killed him with stepping on him non stop but that for me does not even hurt him one mm. I can only hurt him by firing at him and get quite far (also killing small mobs coming along, along the side) but every time I get a tiny biit upon killing that Walker, I die.

This is so frustrating and it looks like it is a bug or something!

To have a thing like this in a game and thereby causing a person that has played for years on this game to come to a dead stop because I cannot go on is sooooo frustrating!!!! I don't know what to do.