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I've tried playing pyro but found its damage to be too unreliable in PVP. Terrible dot spread mechanic and subpar burst. I find AP has the best burst in the game and also has very effective AOE. The way I see things for this class right now is it can't win fights of attrition, so I play towards ending engagements as quickly as possible. AP can global someone and pyro can't. That way the survival issue doesn't always become a problem.

When I PVP on this class I bring with me 4 stuns that I can use. The 2 that come baked into the class, a grenade, and I use the stun from grapple utility. That helps for moments when you don't have a defensive cooldown and you need to stop damage.

I take utilities that increase mobility, control, and survival. Here is my usual setup. I find the only talent that is changeable is dropping pyro shield damage for something else. Anything else I find I can't live without. The extra 10m on grapple is unreal.

Kiting with hydraulic override can't be overstated in how effective it is. Server interpolation causes other people to see you as warping all over their screen, so people have an incredibly difficult time trying to attack you. You can exploit this fact by fighting melee at range while kiting them in circles. It's also effective against ranged classes with good positioning. You can use LOS to expose yourself only briefly to fire an ability and duck back behind LOS. Ranged classes have to constantly reposition or they just die from standing still.

At competitive levels of PVP, you know the PT is a prime target, so you have to use this knowledge against your opponents. Your team must start any engagement by positioning themselves between you and the other team. It forces the other team to engage in a way they don't want to. If they ignore your team though and go straight after you, they will eat damage for free and open themselves up to bad positioning. Long range grapple is amazing at initiating a fight, as you can pull them into a checkmate style move almost immediately. Here is a video I made of such an example.

In the end, the bag of tricks you can use will run out and nature will take its course a lot earlier for you than other classes. This is just part of what you accept when you play this class right now. The class is definitely in need of balance and If I were serious about playing ranked at the highest level, I would not be running this class. It's too much of a liability. I do still enjoy the class, but I accept I am playing a class that is sub-optimal for PVP.
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