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This is a tragically bad take. It isnt about coddling, nobody has asked to be coddled, they just expect you to not be a douche in a game. There's miles of middle ground in between as options.
Free speech has consequences, the old fire in a crowded theater argument, in this case your freedom to be an idiot results in killing the game mode. How many posts like this do we need to see before people figure out they ARE the problem.
These are two totally separate arguments though. If I understand you correctly, you're saying that people being toxic in ranked is leading to less people playing it, so if the ranked players want it to grow, they should be less "toxic". That's a reasonable opinion, and it might be right, though I don't think it is.

The original poster and the other poster I replied to think that such ranked "toxicity" should be actively monitored and punished by Bioware. That is a totally different matter, and that is what I'm forcefully arguing against. Just because someone's feelings got hurt does not justify banning people. Again, if you think someone's speech is bad, the best solution is more speech, not censorship. And if banning people whose speech you don't like isn't censorship, I don't know what is.

Also, and this shouldn't need to be said but let me be clear, I am not one of the toxic people in ranked that OP was referencing. I usually don't say anything in ranked beyond calling a strat. Sometimes if someone is egregiously bad in many ranked games in a row, I'll say something tame like "stop queueing ranked until you learn how to use your dcds in regs" or something like that. Others are for more harsh, but that's up to them. And if that does lead to less people playing ranked, so be it. Censoring such people would be a far greater wrong than a dead ranked queue.