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08.14.2019 , 09:21 AM | #4
SR is, at its heart, competitive and competition can bring out the best...and the worst in people. It's just something that you're going to have to cope with if you want to queue and not lose sanity/heart because not everyone queues SR just for 'fun'. Of course, there are some that take trash-talk or criticism too far, and those should get reported as I have seen such players get banned (albeit temporarily) for their behavior. From my experience however, the queue is not as toxic as it was in seasons past.

I understand how unpleasant SR can be to those who are either (or both) new to SR or far from an expert in their class. Ask anyone who's at the top of the leaderboards how they started and I guarantee most of them will say they had to suffer from similar growing pains as well. If toxicity becomes too much to bear, just put the bad apples on your ignore list, ask/whisper another teammate what the instructions are and keep grinding away.

The main problem that I have with imploring the Devs to 'crack down' on toxicity is that the term is nebulous. What is toxic to one may not be considered so to someone else, making it impossible for a group of Devs to discern such behavior responsibly and reliably.