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People play ranked for competitive gameplay. They don't play ranked to particularly coddle you and your emotions.

You don't have any say over what other people say, nor should Bioware in my opinion. If you don't like what people are saying to you, there is already a built-in tool for that: the ignore list. If they're opposite faction and you just can't handle it, turn off chat. But stop trying to censor people because they offend you. Can't you see how selfish and stupid that is?

Disclaimer: I don't even play on SS, but I'd be willing to bet anything that the vast majority of stuff said is not "bullying" or "abuse," it's just normal competitive **** talking that you'd see in any online game. Seeing posts like this time after time really makes me sick. Remember, I say all this as a liberal who believes strongly in free speech.
This is a tragically bad take. It isnt about coddling, nobody has asked to be coddled, they just expect you to not be a douche in a game. There's miles of middle ground in between as options.
Free speech has consequences, the old fire in a crowded theater argument, in this case your freedom to be an idiot results in killing the game mode. How many posts like this do we need to see before people figure out they ARE the problem.
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