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I play pvp all the time in the Unranked Warzones and I consider myself not to bad. I am not the best but neither am I the worse player so before you say anything and attempt to blame me for lousy playing like this forum usually does, instead of using constructive criticism, keep that in mind. In addition the gear excuse does not cut it either because I am fully geared with the highest rating including augments. And Yes I do know what I am doing. Every single time I have gone into Ranked Warzone it has been extremely unpleasant due to negative bullying behaviour of other players. If they are not swearing at you with a constant stream of curse words and other forms of abusive words, then they are blaming you for some other absurd reason. Even if the team I am on wins. If It is not happening to me on the team then it is happening to another member on the same team. Either way you can't win.

Strangely enough I am finding most of the players who are in Ranked are also Imperial Players. Definitely outnumbered. There are always more imperials than pubs fighting in Ranked Warzone. I do not have a problem with that but I do not appreciate the Toxic Bullying and Abusive Behaviour that is too often displayed in Ranked Warzone. This is very discouraging to see that it is allowed to go on and I can see why people get turned off from even trying it after the initial experience. The devs really need to do something about this because it is absolutely ridiculous. It is online bullying and its nasty and its abusive. In the meantime I shall continue to report this behaviour whenever I am in Ranked Warzone because that is about all I can do atm. People are in this game to have fun, they are not in this game to get bullied and abused by other players who have to big of an ego and ruin it for everyone else!

Keep in mind I have not checked back into Ranked Warzone since about mid July, because it has been so disgusting and also since Mike Bradley July PVP Report which actually indicated there were some other abuses going on as well that resulted in suspension of accounts, no suprise there , maybe things have changed since then, but I am highly doubting it. Nuff Said.