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Maybe detailed and elaborate enough for the actual abilities of the antagonists to be described in some detail (whether lore is detailed enough about abilities to reach the level of detail of a proper intelligence report or not is another issue) in which case mechanics do matter from a lore perspective.
That's a fair point, although in a wider version of the thing, the lore's likely to describe the effects rather than the abilities (yeah, fussy, I know), and the lore as found on sources like Wookieepedia frequently describes even fairly important fights (SW/Baras, JC/FirstSon, etc.) in fairly vague terms.

Either way, it's an interesting thing, although the factors you've described speak strongly against there really being any sort of definitive/canon "what the lore says" version of the fight. Not to mention that the composition of the group of intruders cannot possibly form part of that canon version, which would be strange if, say, the players were 100% gun classes in Dread Palace. *Any* historical record of that fight would remark on the absence of Force users, while I see no game-mechanical reason that a group of two tank Vanguards, four DPS troopers/smugglers and two heal troopers/smugglers (or four/eight/four for 16-man) couldn't beat that fight.
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