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It been a long time there are no new decorations or items for the old reputations vendors. That would be really great if you can add some new things even if it's only 2 or 3 things for these vendors. I admit I didn't do the old events or some old reputations because I already have all items I need.

This is a list of suggestions for new emotes for Disguise Terminal with some new Disguise Terminal types:

Hutt Disguise Terminal:
- Hutt Laugh (like Jabba)

Cantina Dancer Disguise Terminal:
- Bop
- Club Dance
- Dance

Wookie Disguise Terminal:
- Put a weapon for its last emote (there is no weapon)

Disguise Terminal: Republic/Imperial Trooper (SWTOR)l:
- Guard Position

New Disguise Terminal:
- Gamorrean
- Trandoshan
- Selkath
- Selonian
- Killik
- Sand People
- Massassi
- Esh-kha
- Rakata
- Droid
- Ithorian
- Talz
- Duros
- Geonosian

This is a list of suggestions with some ideas you can add for these vendors:

- Reputation vendors:

Kuat Drive Yards (KDY):
- Technician (male)
- Technician (female)

The Voss:
- Voss mystic (male)
- Voss mystic (female)
- Voss citizen (male)
- Voss citizen (female)
- Arrangement: Voss vases

Imperial Guard of Belsavis/Republic Fifth Assault Battalion:
- Dread Guard Disciple
- Dread Guard Assassin

Imperial First Mobile Fleet/Republic Hyperspace Armada:
- Imperial Combat Pilot (with helmet)
- Republic Shuttle Pilot (with helmet)

Citizens of Makeb/Makeb Imperial Forces:
- Savage Regulator Brawler
- Savage Regulator Specialist

Galactic Solutions Industries:
- GSI Field Researcher
- GSI Trooper
- GSI Battle Droid

Ordnance Acquisition Corps/The Adjudicators (CZ-198):
- Czerka Scientist
- Czerka Combat Specialist
- Czerka Support Officer
- Czerka Containment Droid (guard position)
- Flag: Czerka

The Dread Executioners/Strike Team Oricon:
- Dread guard acolyte
- Dread host trooper
- Dread host tower droid
- Banner: Dread masters

- Weapon: Selka blaster
- Weapon: Selka rifle
- Manaan guard’s armor set
- Decoration: Selkath merchant
- Decoration: Selkath citizen (red)
- Decoration: Selka guard (guard position)
- Decoration: Selkath Droid (with silver skin + guard position)
- Decoration: Selka table
- Decoration: Arrangement Selka crates
- Decoration: Aquarium with Firaxan sharks
- Decoration: Selka light (large)
- Decoration: Selka light (small)
- Decoration: Disguise Terminal: Selka

People of Rishi:
- Revanite marauder
- Revanite footman
- Revanite battler
- Rishi table

Coalition Forces on Yavin:
- Massassi blood warrior
- Massassi conqueror
- Massassi tent

- Medical Droid
- Scientist Tent
- Banner: Ziost

- Event reputation vendors:

Rakghoul Resurgence (T.H.O.R.N):
- Infected Companion Customizations for Lana Beniko + Theron Shan + Koth + Senya
- THORN Soldier (male)
- THORN Soldier (female)
- Rakghoul
- Creature Companion: Nekghoul (120 Rakghoul DNA Canister)

Relics of the Gree (The Gree Enclave):
- pet: Gree Prode Droid
- Tonvarr Gunner
- Tonvarr Scavenger
- Gree Relay Defender
- Creature Companion: Asharl Panther (120 Gray Helix Components)

Bounty Contract Week (Bounty Brokers Association):
- Mandalorian Tracker
- Rattataki Bounty Hunter
- Salky Hound
- Droid Companion: Assassin Droid + (120 Completed Bounty Contract)