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09.04.2019 , 06:39 PM | #32
going to say something here, because I have advocated straight up credit purge on swtor for 2 years.

Now.... I do get what you mean by lowering everyones money by 90%, but this is the part you are leaving out. in order for it to stick, you need to lower all "reward" credits or mats by 90%. Which ultimately defeats the purpose, because all it does is reset the economy currency to a lower percentage... and that does what exactly? so a cm item costs maybe 20m again like in 3.0? no one has 20m, so its no different than 150m in 5.0, just a lower percentage.

My reasoning for credit purging the game was to deplete the gold sellers credit stores. For every one billionair in swtor who says "why would you take my billions?" ask yourself, what exactly are you doing with billions? nothing costs that much, and by that reasoning it is the act of saving credits that you want, not spending... so how will losing your money change what you do everyday? youll just keep saving, not spending, one day youll have a billion again, and youll SS it and post everywhere, and like scrooge, get out a lawn chair and admire the view of your legacybays 1b credit ledger.

I have been a slicer, a mat farmer, an instance reseter since 3.0 when I began playing. percentagewise in this game I have made more money in a day just by playing the game than 90% of the population ever sees. but I dont save it. I make it for a reason, I spend it, and then I go bakc to what I was doing.. because I understand that game currency will always be there. there is a set average percent, there is a number I can make per hour, so why would I ever save 1b, or 2b/ I only need enough to buy my stuff.