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Given that Crit is such a good stat these days, is it worth trading out FR or SA for DV? If so, which one should I trade out? Thanks!
I would say it is more viable now. But ultimately, it depends what you want to do. In pvp, I can definitely see some uses for a DV relic over FR, particularly for bursty classes. Absolutely keep the SA relic. There is no "diminishing returns" on Power stat.

Secondly, if 1800 crit is G-spot, you can play around with where you want your crit rating to be when your relic pops. In Gytheran's case, when his DV relic procs, he would be at roughly 2700 crit rating. Is that optimal for a healer? Probably not. If I were him I'd try 800-1000 base crit, and dump the stat points into power & alacrity.
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