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I think this is a major factor causing the alleged abuse/exploitation of the vote kick system.

The ranked playerbase isn't large enough to foster a healthy environment. New or unexperienced players get opposed by or teamed up with the more skilled players and not 7 other players of the same skill level. Said player dies 20 seconds into the match and gets griefed by their teammates. The skilled players want to play matches where everyone knows exactly what to do, when to do it, how to do it, 100% of the time. If a single thing doesn't go the way they expected, the less skilled player must be punished.

Instead of guiding and teaching new players about how to play in the Ranked environment, "leet" players just want to kick people out hoping for better results in the next match.You would think that the dwindling ranked population would rather just play whatever match they can get then waiting 30 minutes for a queue to pop.
The size of the player base isnt the problem, the content of it is.
If those players made half the effort in building new players as they do being tards about it, it would be much healthier.
Its a choice they make, then they wonder why no one is in queue.
No, not all of them of course, but enough that it inevitably taints the experience.
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