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From your perspective they arenít trying but if you recall, especially when you were new you too probably have been blown up making a mistake didnít use DCDs on time etc. resulting in a fast death. You got to be reasonable and cultivate newer players and encourage them not dissuade them from participating. You just killing off any chance of a new player wanting to learn and be a part of ranked if you are toxic to them. I have even seen experienced vets die instantly from not using DCDs properly. People make errors you canít be perfect, lol.
Sorry but when same merc get globalled with 300k dmg taken while doing 1k dps and he isn't stopping to do so he will be kicked by other ranked players. In flashpoints such bads are being kicked even without repeating such fails few times just because they can't finish their current flashpoint. Ranked is full off trolls who refuse to learn, getting globalled contantly every match without doing dps or hps. No way players will tolerate that for long
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May the kek be with you. Save ranked and class balance pls