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This is especially true because of the small community that queues in ranked. They are quick to notice "new" players or less-than-top-5% players and consistently target them when on the opposite team. No matter who you are or what class you play, it's virtually impossible to avoid dying to a 3v1 or 4v1 unless you're hanging back and doing nothing.

This creates a poor environment to actually improve at ranked. If they had a separate 4v4-only queue "PreRanked" where players could practice in a less "elite" environment, it might help. Unfortunately, I doubt it will happen for 2 reasons:

1. The devs never stated that ranked should only be for the crem de la crem. This is a player invention. They want to feel like ranked is somehow the NiM of PVP, but it's not designed that way. Unfortuntely, through vote kicked and tricks, players have the power to bully conditions into being this way.

2. "Elite" players would likely queue in Discord for PreRanked to practice their wintrading techniques and troll less experienced players. For all their "I only want to play the best!" many of these players are more than happy to gank newer players so they can feel powerful. Not all, mind you, but enough to create a definite "personality" to the ranked environment.
Yeah we share the same mentality regarding ranked it seems.

What's amazing is I have seen ranked begin as a toxic pool and when I say toxic I don't mean saying bad words in chat, I mean the overall behavior with all the match manipulations and cheats and hacks it began that way, and now, years later, guess what? It's still full of corruption and nasty behavior!

I believe more people know how to work the system/cheat the system now without others detecting it as easily, though. I think so many tricks are available now that it takes Inspector Gadget to figure out who cheats and who do not.

Oh well. BW will completely gut a gearing/crafting/conquest system and jam a replacement in year after year, but won't gut ranked and try to make it better with a newer, different scoring system. Why?

After so many years of BW chasing hackers, wintraders, and "friends" who throw matches, when will ELO be removed and when will losses not count against players?

Some sort of scoring system based on wins ought to be fully implemented and any sort of ELO scoring should be removed.

With this paltry pool size and rampant cheating due to a easily manipulated game system ELO means NOTHING.

It's effing dumb to even try to attach ELO to a toon when the matches outcome often have nothing to do with the actual skill level of a player in ranked. There's so many causes to a player's ELO going up or down and most of it involves some form of exploitation or match manipulation by other players.

When the integrity of the game is compromised, they ought to change the format to one they can manage. For years BW has proven they cannot manage the ranked games played, they are always playing catch up with all the cheats that are going on trying to punish them after they catch them.

For that reason alone, I am surprised BW hasn't actually looked into a different scoring system for ranked. All the problems they have had with the present system - yet for years they keep it. Makes sense.
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