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From your perspective they arenít trying but if you recall, especially when you were new you too probably have been blown up making a mistake didnít use DCDs on time etc. resulting in a fast death. You got to be reasonable and cultivate newer players and encourage them not dissuade them from participating. You just killing off any chance of a new player wanting to learn and be a part of ranked if you are toxic to them. I have even seen experienced vets die instantly from not using DCDs properly. People make errors you canít be perfect, lol.
This is especially true because of the small community that queues in ranked. They are quick to notice "new" players or less-than-top-5% players and consistently target them when on the opposite team. No matter who you are or what class you play, it's virtually impossible to avoid dying to a 3v1 or 4v1 unless you're hanging back and doing nothing.

This creates a poor environment to actually improve at ranked. If they had a separate 4v4-only queue "PreRanked" where players could practice in a less "elite" environment, it might help. Unfortunately, I doubt it will happen for 2 reasons:

1. The devs never stated that ranked should only be for the crem de la crem. This is a player invention. They want to feel like ranked is somehow the NiM of PVP, but it's not designed that way. Unfortuntely, through vote kicked and tricks, players have the power to bully conditions into being this way.

2. "Elite" players would likely queue in Discord for PreRanked to practice their wintrading techniques and troll less experienced players. For all their "I only want to play the best!" many of these players are more than happy to gank newer players so they can feel powerful. Not all, mind you, but enough to create a definite "personality" to the ranked environment.
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