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Gear-dependent? If anything, assassin is the least gear dependent as it's mostly about pressing Shroud and Force Speed at right times (speaking very generally but it is true, in a way). More skill-dependent? Absolutely. Requires better knowledge of the encounters? Yes. Jugg can adjust better to a mechanic you didn't know about. But usually, sin will be better if you knew about that mechanic in advance.

Gear affects them in the same way, it's the correct usage of DCDs that is easiest on PT, mediocre on jugg and hardest on assassin (the efficiency of their DCD goes the same way: worst on PT; good/great in jugg, depending on situation; great/good on sin, depending on situation). And what they can do in fights also is mostly based on their unique DCDs. Sin is amazing against quick and huge hits, PT has very good overall passive mitigation but lacks '"immunity" DCDs and jugg has a bit of both, which makes him usually better than PT and sometimes worse than sin.

Sin is generally considered the best tank because of his ludicrous amount of DCDs for "cheesing" mechanics. Big hit with Force/Tech type? Shroud and ignore it. Can't shroud it? Force speed for almost the same result. His overall passive mitigation is mostly based on shield chance/absorb and requires quite a bit of micro-management.

Jugg has some "cheese" DCDs, like Mad Dash and saber reflect but they are much less universal than Shroud and Force Speed. Jugg has some very good general DR DCDs though, big self heal DCD and a very strong extra temporary health DCD. So in general, jugg can do almost everything that sin can, with some exceptions. These exceptions though are very important ones and usually occur in the hardest fights, that's why sin is the preferred tank in the end.

PT is the easiest tank with most of his mitigation being stacked up passively from procs and traits. Which makes him very good for certain fights with consistent damage. But he literally has no way to mitigate a big hit except for praying to the Gods of Shield Chance, which is the main reason it is barely played.

As for choosing between sin and jugg - I'd say just play the one you like more. Sin is fit for every single fight in the game but jugg is not that far behind. Very rarely you truly need 2 sin tanks, so at the very least you'll be guaranteed a spot of the 2nd tank in ops. Jugg can main tank like 90% of the fights easily and am pretty sure the fights that are more fit for sin maintank are still doable as jugg.